About Joglo

We were introduced to Indonesia through the passion of a dear and gifted friend, and through his eyes we experienced Java for the first time. It is his voice we recall and his multitude of friends we seek out and adopt as our mentors as we travel throughout the archipelago. While this friend is no longer with us, his legacy remains and, for this, we are forever blessed.

Our passion drives our bi-annual travels, that allows for those one-of-a-kind finds that make our 4,500 square foot showroom a Port Townsend destination. In our upstairs Gallery, we display a diverse collection of art, craft and artifact that is purely Indonesian. Downstairs, and in the loft space above, the stone and furniture we commission or select is lifestyle-oriented. Here, our inspiration is Bali, where elements of the garden enhance functional and aesthetic interiors.

Our name, Joglo, refers to the four-sided pyramidical roof central to a traditional Javanese home. Beneath the joglo, is a pillared pavilion, or pendopo, that is open to the outdoors. Once, all guests were received here to enjoy music and dance performances. Now, it is a symbol of Indonesian hospitality that is a gift both intimate and all embracing. For this reason, the joglo has been referred to as the architectural equivalent of the banyan tree and the sacred mountain. It represents the common spirit that unites family and friends.