About Our Products

Joglo Northwest is committed to sourcing the finest that Indonesia has to offer by pairing skilled craftsmen with quality sustainable materials. We constantly change our designs and add to our product lines while maintaining a look that is undeniably our own. Our design background allows us to customize orders as well.

Our Furniture is crafted in Java by independent artisans and small cooperatives. The teak is sustainably grown, kiln dried, and of the highest quality available. All joinery, drawer slides and hinging receives the same attention to detail we devote to design. We aspire to products that are timeless, economical and functional, and that are built to last.

All our Stone is legally mined, and carved by skilled craftsmen in Java. The exception are found stone pieces - usually primitive or garden statuary - that have age, and originated in Bali or one of the surrounding islands. We carry only natural stone products - no cement or poured pieces. Our stone floor tiles are pieced together by hand, with sliced and pebble patterns maintaining the natural shape of individual stones. Our goal is that all our stone products appear as organic as possible.

In all our Gallery purchases, a conscious effort is made to conduct our business in a fair and respectful manner. We work only with individuals and dealers who know their products and their values, so we can work together to reach appropriate pricing. We purchase only pieces we hand select in Indonesia, often in the island of origin. In this way, our gallery collection tells the story of our travels.

All of our products reflect our partnership with independent artisans throughout Indonesia. We aspire to establishing relationships there as sustainable, and long-lasting, as our products.